Motor Vehicle Compensation Claims

Do I Have A Claim?

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident in New South Wales, you may be immediately entitled to medical treatment expenses, lost earning and more.

We can assist you in making a personal injury claim by doing the following:

  1. Meet with you to discuss the circumstances of the accident and the extent of injuries you suffered
  2. Help you to complete the appropriate claim form
  3. Advise you what steps we will take to maximise your compensation
  4. Request all relevant medical reports, police report and other information to support your claim with no upfront costs
  5. Represent you in settlement conference with the insurer to achieve early resolution of your case
  6. If necessary, we will also represent you in an informal hearing at Claims Assessment Resolution Service (CARS)

Some Questions of FAQ’s

  • What do I do when I am involved in a motor vehicle accident in NSW and I am not at fault?

    You should try to do the following:

    1. Identify the registration number of the vehicle that caused the accident
    2. Report to the police if they did not attend the accident scene and obtain a police event number
    3. Take photographs of the vehicles involved in the accident by using your phone or digital camera
    4. Consult your doctor for your injuries.
    5. Call us for immediate advice.
  • What do I do if I was involved in a motor vehicle accident on the way to work or on the way home from work?

    You may immediately lodge a 'Journey Claim'. This means that if you are injured while driving to or back from work, you are entitled to make an injury claim.

    We can help you to lodge a 'Journey Claim' with your employer's workers compensation insurer as well as lodging a claim form with the CTP insurer of the driver at fault. We will then advise you on how to ensure your rights to compensation are maximised under the Workers Compensation Act and Motor Accidents Compensation Act in NSW.

  • I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in NSW but I did not identify the vehicle registration number or driver. What should I do?

    You should do the following as soon as practicable:

    1. Report the accident to the Police
    2. Give the Police as much information as possible, such as the colour, make and model of the car, markings of the car, complexion of the driver and other relevant information
    3. We can help you to lodging a claim with the Nominal Defendant and we will undertake to locate the defendant within a certain timeframe
    4. Once your claim is accepted, we will prosecute your claim under the Nominal Defendant scheme
  • What happens after lodging the Personal Injury Claim Form?

    The CTP insurer has 3 months from the lodgment of the claim to determine fault.

    If the insurer admits fault, you can claim the following:

    1. Non-economic Loss (also known as pain & suffering)
    2. Economic Loss
    3. Treatment expenses
    4. Attendant care

    If the insurer fails to make determination within the statutory period, your claim is deemed to be denied. If your claim is deemed to be denied or explicity denied by the insurer, we will advise you whether you have reasonable prospect of success against the defendant and whether court proceedings should be commenced.

  • I have previously lodged a Personal Injury Claim Form as a result of a motor vehicle accident. I found the claim process complex and frustrating. Can I still appoint a lawyer to represent me?

    Yes, absolutely. You can instruct us to represent you to obtain the compensation you deserve.

  • How long does it take to resolve a personal injury claim?

    Generally your personal injury claim can be completed between 9 and 15 months.

    Because you only have one go at your claim, we want to make sure we have the best preparation to achieve the best result for you and that may mean longer than estimated.

  • What do I need to bring when meeting MGL Lawyers?

    To assist us in providing accurate advice, please bring along the following:

    1. Your identification cards such as drivers license, medicare card and/or passport if you are a temporary resident in NSW
    2. Police event number and contact details of the constable who investigated the matter
    3. Medical reports such as radiological scan reports or medical certificate
    4. Photographs of the vehicles involved in the accident and the accident scene, if available
    5. Contact details of witnesses, if available .